• Rain Options
    • We occasionally offer equipment reserved for a rain contingency. We cannot offer this on a regular basis to protect our contracted customers who want our attention on the day of their event.

    • It is always better to have your equipment installed ahead of time to keep the lawn dry under the tent.

    • Many times we will install the rain otptional equipment and if the weather is nice for your event, take this equipment down. It is always easier to remove than to setup in the rain.

    • We charge a non-refundable holding fee for rain optional equipment.
      payment terms

  • Payment Terms
    • We ask for a 50% deposit with the signed contract to contractually approve the job.

    • The balance is due prior to installation or if another arrangement is made with the office.

    • Final invoices are sent out prior to event. Final payment is due at that time.

    • We accept personal checks and all major credit cards.

  • Delivery and setup
    • Tenting = the first to arrive and last to leave

    • During our busy season, we have a very tight schedule. It becomes increasingly difficult to adjust the schedule. We will work hard to accommodate a change but you and the other vendors are depending on us to complete our work.

    • The office staff wants to coordinate with other vendors to guarantee a smooth delivery plan.

    • We work in all weather.

  • Production Support Services
    • We provide CAD drawings to our client’s; showing seating plans, elevations and layout.

    • We provide vendor coordination as well as CAD drawings for other vendors.

    • Most of the sites where we install require permits. Much of the facilitation of these permits fall on our shoulders.

    • Many of the sites where we install require Certificates of Insurance as well as Additional Insured.

    • We are a dedicated crew company. We assign our crews to be at your site for the duration of the event “window”. This provides support for changes to be made to the layout as well as continuity to our clients during this “window”.

  • Insurance
    • We maintain liability/auto insurance for the work we provide.

    • We also add “Additional Insured”, which may incur an additional expense. This service is handled by our office staff.

      Early notification is appreciated.

  • Security at Site
    • It is the client’s responsibility to provide security, at the site, throughout the event “window”. This is particularly true at sites open to the public.

    • We do everything in our power to assist the safe passage of pedestrians on public sites. Where applicable, security personnel should be hired to assist with crowd control during setup and removal.

  • Men on duty during events
    • We provide technicians ftrom our company who will be present during the event.

    • We typically schedule the technician to arrive 4 hours prior to the start of the event. This time period is usually when any changes/clean up or safety inspections occur.

    • The on duty person can raise or lower side panels depending on the weather conditions.

    • If HVAC equipment is provided, the man on duty is mandatory.

    • If Bathroom trailers are provided, our man on duty will help with clean up but this is limited by other duties.

    • The primary function of the on duty personnel is to respond to changes with the weather conditions.

  • Condition of Equipment
    • We provide “party grade” equipment, which is clean and structurally sound.

    • We use special “block out” fabric which on occasion shows miniature pin holes in the foil that is used to block out UV sunlight. These pin holes do not penetrate the fabric skin and are only seen in direct sunlight.

    • We have a wash staff that works solely keeping our equipment clean and party grade.

    • We use “state-of-art” cleaning equipment and supplies for maintaining our equipment.

    • We use drop cloths and plastic, at site, to protect the equipment.

  • Underground Obstructions
    • We cannot tell where underground pipes and utilities travel on the property. We request a schematic when available and follow it to the best of our ability.

    • Our staff will coordinate with “Call before you dig” companies.

    • It is amazing with all the stakes we drive into the ground that we do not hit more underground obstructions. Most often it is easy to repair these

  • Emergencies
    • Occasionally the weather will change dramatically and create an emergency. We have a 24/7 emergency outcall line, if this should occur.

      Please do not hesitate to call us for any problems.

      We are in touch via 2-way radio with all of our installers and drivers.

  • Permits
    • Many Municipalities require a permit for tents. There is a wide range of forms and requirements from town to town. Many of the forms can be accessed on line at the municipalities website. We assist with the information that is required, such as; Flame proof certificates, seating plans, site plans and in many cases, structural certification. This process should be done as soon as plans are made for your tent.

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